Difficulty using NFS export on ESX farm

Added by Joshua Coombs over 4 years ago

I'm running into an odd issue between my Nexentastor box and an ESX 3.5 farm. I've setup a share and exported it via NFS for the farm. I can mount the share on an Ubuntu box and it works beautifully. I can add it to the ESX servers as a datastore, browse it, create folders and delete files without issue. If I try to upload / download files using the VMWare Infrastructure Client it times out and fails with an IO error. The same occurs if I try to create a VM on that datastore, migrate to it, etc. ESX will successfully create the folder structure, and from the Ubuntu client I can see it create the target files, but they stay at 0 bytes till it times out, at which point it deletes the files.

The ESX boxes and Nexenta box are on the same switch, I'm using a VLAN subint on the Nexenta box to give it access to the same non-routed network as the ESX VMKernel interfaces.

I don't seem to have any decent logging on either side to try and scope out where the issue is?

The only deviation from the default settings is I've set the NFS Client default level to 3 as per the suggestion of the Nexenta GUI.

Suggestions on how to diag this further?


RE: Difficulty using NFS export on ESX farm - Added by John Schleigh over 3 years ago

Did you remember to enable root access for the ESX host? ESX runs its processes as the root user and that needs to be specifically allowed in the export settings on your Nexenta.