SATA SSD ZIL on shared JBOD with HA.

Added by a m over 4 years ago

Thanks in advance to anyone that can help shed some light on this for me.

Scenerio: Two Nexentastor servers (configured with the HA plugin) attached to a single SAS JBOD shelf. I'd like to use some Intel X-25E [SATA] SSD drives as ZIL. My plan would be to use SATA-to-SAS interposers to connect the SSD drives to the SAS JBOD so both Nexentastor servers could access/share the ZIL.

My questions: If I'm running the HA cluster in Active/Passive mode, what happens to the data that is stored on the SSD ZIL when the active member fails? Will the data stored in the ZIL be committed to disk by the passive member when it takes over for the failed active unit? Will there be any data "in-flight" (in RAM but not yet in ZIL) that will be lost when the active Nexentastor server fails?