Same dataset on two pools are different sizes?

Added by Ryan W over 3 years ago

After my tank crash a couple weeks back I'm finally getting data back on the disks. raidpool/GCMSBackup dataset is what I copied OFF my old tank pool as read only. It's 121G with 1.92x compression. When I copied (not zfs send|receive) raidpool/GCMSBackup back to tank/GCMSBackup the compression level is still 1.92x (same compression algorithm) but the dataset is 7GB larger. The only difference I can think of is the fact that tank has twice as many disks and perhaps it's extra partity metadata or something along those lines?

Neither dataset has snapshots as evident by the info below:

root@calculon:/volumes# zfs get all raidpool/GCMSBackup
NAME                 PROPERTY              VALUE                         SOURCE
raidpool/GCMSBackup  type                  filesystem                    -
raidpool/GCMSBackup  creation              Mon Dec  5 22:48 2011         -
raidpool/GCMSBackup  used                  121G                          -
raidpool/GCMSBackup  available             364G                          -
raidpool/GCMSBackup  referenced            121G                          -
raidpool/GCMSBackup  compressratio         1.92x                         -
raidpool/GCMSBackup  mounted               yes                           -
raidpool/GCMSBackup  quota                 none                          default
raidpool/GCMSBackup  reservation           none                          default
raidpool/GCMSBackup  recordsize            128K                          default
raidpool/GCMSBackup  mountpoint            /volumes/raidpool/GCMSBackup  inherited from raidpool
raidpool/GCMSBackup  sharenfs              off                           default
raidpool/GCMSBackup  checksum              on                            default
raidpool/GCMSBackup  compression           on                            local
raidpool/GCMSBackup  atime                 on                            default
raidpool/GCMSBackup  devices               on                            default
raidpool/GCMSBackup  exec                  on                            default
raidpool/GCMSBackup  setuid                on                            default
raidpool/GCMSBackup  readonly              off                           default
raidpool/GCMSBackup  zoned                 off                           default
raidpool/GCMSBackup  snapdir               hidden                        default
raidpool/GCMSBackup  aclmode               discard                       default
raidpool/GCMSBackup  aclinherit            restricted                    default
raidpool/GCMSBackup  canmount              on                            default
raidpool/GCMSBackup  xattr                 on                            default
raidpool/GCMSBackup  copies                1                             default
raidpool/GCMSBackup  version               5                             -
raidpool/GCMSBackup  utf8only              off                           -
raidpool/GCMSBackup  normalization         none                          -
raidpool/GCMSBackup  casesensitivity       sensitive                     -
raidpool/GCMSBackup  vscan                 off                           default
raidpool/GCMSBackup  nbmand                off                           default
raidpool/GCMSBackup  sharesmb              off                           local
raidpool/GCMSBackup  refquota              none                          default
raidpool/GCMSBackup  refreservation        none                          default
raidpool/GCMSBackup  primarycache          all                           default
raidpool/GCMSBackup  secondarycache        all                           default
raidpool/GCMSBackup  usedbysnapshots       0                             -
raidpool/GCMSBackup  usedbydataset         121G                          -
raidpool/GCMSBackup  usedbychildren        0                             -
raidpool/GCMSBackup  usedbyrefreservation  0                             -
raidpool/GCMSBackup  logbias               latency                       default
raidpool/GCMSBackup  dedup                 off                           default
raidpool/GCMSBackup  mlslabel              none                          default
raidpool/GCMSBackup  sync                  standard                      default
raidpool/GCMSBackup  nms:dedup-dirty       off                           inherited from raidpool

NAME             PROPERTY              VALUE                     SOURCE
tank/GCMSBackup  type                  filesystem                -
tank/GCMSBackup  creation              Tue Dec  6 16:19 2011     -
tank/GCMSBackup  used                  128G                      -
tank/GCMSBackup  available             1.95T                     -
tank/GCMSBackup  referenced            128G                      -
tank/GCMSBackup  compressratio         1.92x                     -
tank/GCMSBackup  mounted               yes                       -
tank/GCMSBackup  quota                 none                      default
tank/GCMSBackup  reservation           none                      default
tank/GCMSBackup  recordsize            128K                      default
tank/GCMSBackup  mountpoint            /volumes/tank/GCMSBackup  inherited from tank
tank/GCMSBackup  sharenfs              off                       default
tank/GCMSBackup  checksum              on                        default
tank/GCMSBackup  compression           on                        local
tank/GCMSBackup  atime                 on                        default
tank/GCMSBackup  devices               on                        default
tank/GCMSBackup  exec                  on                        default
tank/GCMSBackup  setuid                on                        default
tank/GCMSBackup  readonly              off                       default
tank/GCMSBackup  zoned                 off                       default
tank/GCMSBackup  snapdir               hidden                    default
tank/GCMSBackup  aclmode               discard                   default
tank/GCMSBackup  aclinherit            restricted                default
tank/GCMSBackup  canmount              on                        default
tank/GCMSBackup  xattr                 on                        default
tank/GCMSBackup  copies                1                         default
tank/GCMSBackup  version               5                         -
tank/GCMSBackup  utf8only              off                       -
tank/GCMSBackup  normalization         none                      -
tank/GCMSBackup  casesensitivity       insensitive               -
tank/GCMSBackup  vscan                 off                       default
tank/GCMSBackup  nbmand                off                       default
tank/GCMSBackup  sharesmb              name=GCMSBackup           local
tank/GCMSBackup  refquota              none                      default
tank/GCMSBackup  refreservation        none                      default
tank/GCMSBackup  primarycache          all                       default
tank/GCMSBackup  secondarycache        all                       default
tank/GCMSBackup  usedbysnapshots       0                         -
tank/GCMSBackup  usedbydataset         128G                      -
tank/GCMSBackup  usedbychildren        0                         -
tank/GCMSBackup  usedbyrefreservation  0                         -
tank/GCMSBackup  logbias               latency                   default
tank/GCMSBackup  dedup                 off                       default
tank/GCMSBackup  mlslabel              none                      default
tank/GCMSBackup  sync                  standard                  default

raidpool  1.63T   913G   755G    54%  1.00x  ONLINE  -
syspool    136G  19.3G   117G    14%  1.00x  ONLINE  -
tank      3.25T   282G  2.97T     8%  1.00x  ONLINE  -