User documentation

How to Create and Manage a project provides everything required to create and host your project and code to extend the NexentaStor storage Appliance. Below are guidelines to create, setup and manage your own project. ## Creating a project ## * Register on www....
08/27/2009 12:09 am

Technical documentation

NexentaStor plugin SDK and API
NexentaStor plugins are built using the SA-API, and the SDK, which is also provided for Linux and Windows. The API and SDK downloads can be viewed [here]( You can als...
09/03/2009 10:46 pm

Example of plugin development setup
In the example below we will be demonstrating a procedure on how to setup development of UPS plugin. NexentaStor plugins can be created in UNIX shell logged in as 'root'. Using the following NMC commands to simplify UNIX shell access: `nmc$ ...
09/22/2009 10:29 am

HOWTO: Plugin Development
## Introduction ## NexentaStor plugin contains one or more debian packages. Typically, each debian package realizes a separate part of the plugin that extends functionality of the management server OR management console OR management GUI. Nexen...
02/10/2010 04:27 pm