The NexentaStor Tour

This page will take you through the NexentaStor Community Edition, and give you a view of the things your NexentaStor powered storage can do.

Easy to use

NexentaStor was made with a hassled storage admin in mind. Actions are laid out in a simple to understand manner. You'll be at home in no time.


Easy setup

When you first install NexentaStor, an simple wizard helps you configure everything from network settings and disks to importing older volumes.



Meaningful Feedback

Useful feedback about the machine is provided via the browser. No need to dive into the guts of the machine. Detailed stats can be checked and viewed on disks, network, CPU and more.



One Click operations

Growing a volume has never been so easy.


NAS shares

NAS shares can be setup easily. You can choose to turn on deduplication, compression, and set various other settings.


Block targets

Easily setup volumes to share for your SAN.



NexentaStor understands most of the commonly used NAS protocols. Access your data from any client machine.



Utilizing the power of the ZFS filesystem, NexentaStor allows you to instantaneously take shapshots of your data (which you can revert, or clone at any later time). Also easily setup automatic snapshotting of your data.


Data replication

Replicate a share into another NexentaStor box. Simply point to the machine, select direction, and go!


Disk backend

NexentaStor can understand ATA, FC, iSCSI as the storage backend.


Fault Notifications

NexentaStor will keep track of all aspects of your storage via Runners, and warn you when it notices any fault.


Easy Upgrades and Checkpoints

NexentaStor systems have worry free apt-clone based safe upgrades. If something goes wrong, simply revert the system to an earlier working state. Checkpoints can be taken in a snap.



NexentaStor supports many common services like LDAP, NDMP, SNMP, etc.


Storage tuned console

NexentaStor has it's very own console, called the Nexenta Management Console, specifically written for storage management. It is completely TAB completed, so you can start using it immediately. This console provides advanced options that you may not see in the web based UI.


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